F.I. - I Hate Myself and Want You to Die


New 8 song EP from Providence's Fucking Invincible. Harder and angrier than ever. Available on 3 vinyl colors.

Pressing Info: 100 Tour Press w/ Silk Screened Cover, 150 Purple, 250 Blue/Silver Swirl, 500 Green.

Stream the record at http://atomicactionrecords.bandcamp.com

"With 8 songs in 7 minutes, this is super-charged, super-pissed no-frills hardcore. Pretty reminiscent of 90’s hardcore meets powerviolence, think the likes of Left For Dead, C.R., Despise You and the rest, although when you read that this band features members of Daughters and Drop Dead the musical style should come as no surprise." - MassMovement

"Fucking Invincible isn’t rewriting the rulebook – this is hardcore punk, after all, and it’s about expression and aggression, and not necessarily about innovation. But this is fast, and it’s loud, and it’s violent, and that’s all you really need." - Last Rites

All vinyl includes digital download codes.