New 10 song LP recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios. Artwork by Ron Henry Wells and J.Bannon.
This is a pre-order, records will ship around December 20, 2017.
In an evolutionary leap that would make Darwin proud, “New Magnetic” realizes the potential of the first Holy Hands 7".
All four members have roots firmly planted in hardcore punk and its fringes.
The band is comprised of both past and present members of Sweet Jesus, Fiddlehead, Raindance, Fault, Supermachiner, and Daltonic.
Their new LP, “New Magnetic”, is a 2017 observation. It perfectly captures the energy and spirit of the time these gentlemen clearly came up in. Though decades have passed, Holy Hands feels less like it was influenced by bands like Seaweed, Farside, and Jawbox; and more like one of their contemporaries. I don't know if "Post-Hardcore" is still a relevant genre description, but it fits.
One thing for sure: “New Magnetic" and its’ themes of peace, love and justice are certainly relevant in the here and now.