AA!#73 Holy Hands "Sweet Love" 7"


Record is on limited edition red vinyl
Hailing from New England and comprised of
current members of Sweet Jesus, Fiddlehead, Broken and Fault, Holy Hands have remastered the golden age Revelation post-hardcore sound and tempered it for these trying times. Maybe it’s maturity, but Holy Hands chugs and churns with a little more stubble and muscle mass than their emotional predecessors. Familiar chords reverberating from a new perspective, countless years and miles away."
Guitars shimmered differently in the 90s. No amount of new millennium technology can properly replicate that feeling evoked by those formative records of your youth. No, to truly be able to convey that energy, you had to have been there yourself and survived to tell the tale. The four gentlemen who make up Holy Hands: they were there.