AA!#70 Corrective Measure s/t 7"


Corrective Measure is Maine's latest contribution to the current hardcore scene. Full of speed and fury, you won't find any frills here - just trimmed down, straight-to-the-point hardcore in the style of late 80s NYHC with a sprinkling of early 80s Boston.

Taking queues from an entire decade of influential hardcore bands (Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, and Judge to name a few), Corrective Measure's newest batch of tracks will be available on vinyl on June 24, courtesy of Atomic Action! Records (U.S.) and Refuse Records (Europe).

Corrective Measure will be showcasing their new 7" alongside Life of Reilly this summer. Catch them in the following cities:

6/24 - Cambridge, MA
6/25 - Wilkes-Barre, PA
6/26 - Detroit, MI
6/27 - Chicago, IL
6/28 - Springfield, MO
6/29 - Atlanta, GA
6/30 - Tampa Bay, FL
7/1 - Charlotte, NC
7/2 - Washington, DC