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In the fall of 2017 emerged Kansas City hardcore outfit Devil’s Den. Emulating a storm of Japanese and American style  hardcore. The band being tailored by: Alex Tunks, Max Chaney, Jacob Westfall and Daniel Evans. Devil’s Den started by releasing their demo tape (issued by 4.Q. Tape) as well as playing their first show in October 2017. “Our other band was slowing to a crawl and none of us wanted to stop playing hardcore. Though, going into DD I wanted a much more discerning feel; induced brutalism to the imagery and little to no companionship sonically. Something solely testing and much faster.” - Max C. Almost an exact year after playing numerous shows across the Midwest came their first EP. A self released cassette tape titled “First Nature Brutalism”.
After copious tours and weekend stints over the duration of about a year a half they are preparing to drop their first full length record titled “Barbed New Religion” this Spring on Providence, RI based record label Atomic Action. Twelve songs with a run time of just under 17 minutes making for a hasty listen.  The conducting principles of the album being gnashing blurs that have little to no yield, eerie soundscapes that bind the antagonizing whirlwinds, and a blowout of detestation.
“Honestly I wanted to keep the LP the way that I think hardcore records should be. Short, sweet, and straight to the point. I hate when hardcore records are long as hell haha and honestly... if there’s anything I need to say, it can be summed up in a 40-60 second song” - Max C.
This makes for an exciting future for the Kansas City group.
Following their upcoming release Devil’s Den would like to ask, “Have you been practicing obsession and disorder?”.

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