AA!#37 Glazed Baby "Ancient Chinese Secret" CD

Image of AA!#37 Glazed Baby "Ancient Chinese Secret" CD


Heavy noise rock from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Formed in 1991 by Dale Cunningham (drums), Josh Newton (guitar) and Andy (bass, vocals). Josh left the band and Joel (guitar) joined, though Josh returned a year later.

After another tour and album Joel and Josh both left the band to move to Kansas City and their label Red Decibel went under. Dave (keyboards) and Scott Miller (guitar) joined the group to tour and record most of their final album before breaking up at the end of 1997. The band briefly reunited in 1999 to release their final album Ancient Chinese Secret.

Recorded Holiday Season 1996. Mixed Holiday Season 1997. Mastered New Year's 1998.

Comes with a photocopied, mock menu from a Chinese restaurant that contains all the credits.

This is their final album.